Class of 2013 weekend of festivities

Congratulations to the Lexington Senior High School class of 2013!

It’s over….finally.  What a relief.  Or from a parent’s perspective:  where has the time gone?

The events started out on a Friday night.  The venue of the official graduation ceremony was at the football stadium where the gates opened at 630pm.  Dad and the eldest son arrived at the site at or around 6pm.  They patiently waited in line.  Number 4 & 5 from the front, they were in perfect position.  Then the rain came.  622pm, the bottom dropped out of the sky.  Soaking wet, the crowd pleaded to the gate attendant to open the gates.  Finally at 629pm the gates opened.  Dad and eldest headed for cover.

In just 15 minutes, the rain stopped.  They headed to the bleachers with towel and plastic bags.  The seats were dried off just in time for the arrival of the rest of the Shepherd entourage.

Then it appeared.  During the opening part of the ceremony, the most beautiful rainbow made an appearance over the Graduates as they marched into the stadium.

After all of the speeches, H was giving his official diploma.  He marched up there, presented a firm handshake to the Principal, stepped off the stage, paused for a picture and made his way back to his seat.

Then the entourage headed for a late dinner at Yarbroughs.  Everyone came and the hostess gave us a private dining room.  Good food and good family!  Priceless!

On Saturday the tradition continued.  Food, family, friends and fellowship.  All good.  Check out the heartfelt speech below and then the most infamous singing of all time….the traditional Happy Commencement.  Another terrible version of the song reared its ugly head…again.

Graduation Speech:

Happy Commencement:

On Sunday, some of the entourage had the leave while the rest of us witnessed the Church’s tribute to the High School graduates.  Another fun and family friendly venue of community support for their sons and daughters.

Thanks again to all for making this a memorable occasion for HShepherd!



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