Class of 2013 weekend of festivities

Congratulations to the Lexington Senior High School class of 2013!

It’s over….finally.  What a relief.  Or from a parent’s perspective:  where has the time gone?

The events started out on a Friday night.  The venue of the official graduation ceremony was at the football stadium where the gates opened at 630pm.  Dad and the eldest son arrived at the site at or around 6pm.  They patiently waited in line.  Number 4 & 5 from the front, they were in perfect position.  Then the rain came.  622pm, the bottom dropped out of the sky.  Soaking wet, the crowd pleaded to the gate attendant to open the gates.  Finally at 629pm the gates opened.  Dad and eldest headed for cover.

In just 15 minutes, the rain stopped.  They headed to the bleachers with towel and plastic bags.  The seats were dried off just in time for the arrival of the rest of the Shepherd entourage.

Then it appeared.  During the opening part of the ceremony, the most beautiful rainbow made an appearance over the Graduates as they marched into the stadium.

After all of the speeches, H was giving his official diploma.  He marched up there, presented a firm handshake to the Principal, stepped off the stage, paused for a picture and made his way back to his seat.

Then the entourage headed for a late dinner at Yarbroughs.  Everyone came and the hostess gave us a private dining room.  Good food and good family!  Priceless!

On Saturday the tradition continued.  Food, family, friends and fellowship.  All good.  Check out the heartfelt speech below and then the most infamous singing of all time….the traditional Happy Commencement.  Another terrible version of the song reared its ugly head…again.

Graduation Speech:

Happy Commencement:

On Sunday, some of the entourage had the leave while the rest of us witnessed the Church’s tribute to the High School graduates.  Another fun and family friendly venue of community support for their sons and daughters.

Thanks again to all for making this a memorable occasion for HShepherd!


Class of 2013 festivities begin

He’s a senior.  The class of 2013.  He will be 18 in June.  He has pronounced facial hair.  It seems like yesterday he was holding my hand to cross the road. Where did the time go?  “Ah Dad”.

These pictures are from the Awards Program where the students were recognized for their achievements.  Scholarship and academic achievements plus intented further studies.  The majority of students (74%+) were going on to further their education either at a community college or 4 year institute.

Congrats to the LSHS class of 2013.  You all made it.

Colors: Royal Blue and Silver
Class Song: Fly by Nicki Minaj
Class Flower: White Tulip

Alma Mater
Lexington High School
Always in our hearts
Keep us together, never far apart
Everlasting memories
We will pledge to thee
Lexington Senior High

The Youngest. Prom photo-op.

3 Senior year Prom

2013—His senior year.  Ooorah!

For those wanting just plain pictures.  Click on each to enlarge.

Mom with the flower

Picture 1 of 12

Mom with the flower

other view


The Eldest turns 20.

Well, the eldest turned 20.  He couldn’t come home so Mom et al made the trip to the mountains.

Eldest 20th BD

Eldest 20th BD

Of course, we’re celebrating her Baby’s birthday….somewhere, somehow.

It was overcast, windy and unseasonably cool in Boone.  After all, it was May.  May 4th to be exact.

Lunch with the boys, shopping with Mom, leisurely walking the downtown area of Boone, watching rock climbing at the simulation area of Footslogger, checking out candy at Mast General, up to the top of Howard’s Knob and finally dinner at Mellow Mushroom…..Good food, fun, fellowship, family…….all priceless.

Dad got the boys to sit with their mother for a couple pictures while at the top of Howard’s Knob.


Eldest 20th BD with Mom 2

Eldest 20th BD with Mom 2

Eldest 20th BD with Mom

Eldest 20th BD with Mom

The full gallery of limited pictures are below.

The Fair redux, version 2012

Well, the youngest Shepherd boy is at it. Following in the footsteps of his brother. He’s doing it quite well too. The local fair was held the other week in 2012. The highlight of the week is the crowning of the Fair Queen. Being the typical high school students, fans turned out to let the others know of their support for their choice.

Davidson County Fair 2012

Davidson County Fair 2012

The first picture, to the right, is pretty obvious of his choice.  In and amongst the group, he’s the letter A.

Davidson County Fair 2012 -2

Davidson County Fair 2012 -2

The second one, to the left, is not so obvious as he is obscured by an arm. Click on the picture for a full view, then look to the right and you’ll see the outer portions of his head.

They sure are growing up too fast. He’s going to be a fine young man.

In case you missed the initial version back in 2010, go to this post, <a href=”″>The Fair </a>to see both boys in action.


Sibling outing

West Coast Graduation June 2012

Working Man

Well, he’s a working man now.  Having hung up the cleats for academia and social pursuits, he needs cash flow to accommodate his lifestyle.

One of the current ways to find a job is to network with friends.  Friends that aren’t employed and commensurate with each other regarding the lack of quality jobs.  Friends that are employed that help with openings and commensurate about the low pay….something that is not necessarily depicted in TV shows.

Another way to find a job is to go on-line, complete the application and wait.  Sometimes indefinitely.   The ole man’s way of face to face just doesn’t cut it any more.  Follow-up, forget about it.  I guess I’ll keep guessing about these youngsters and their high tech ways.

Back to the job:  he’s needs a uniform in foodservice.  Color?  Black, all black, except for underwear.  I’m speculating black so that there is no grease, stains or soiling showing; trying to project the image.  Clean is good.  Good for all, especially in foodsafety, as Dad continues to be in awe of the modern way to do business.

Paying taxes, working, finding out the ways of life…..priceless.

update:  He comes home tired….saying that he’s been on his feet all day and doesn’t want to move.  Hmmm, sounds like the job is breaking him in well.


Goodbye ECU, Hello ASU

Where did the time go?

He’s finished up his first year of college!  The eldest!  Just yesterday, he was a babe in diapers.  And late last night, he was a toddler, running around exploring all the new found facets of a house.

He did a parent proud.  His sparkled the first semester aiming toward a target….acceptance into his first choice of  college.  The second semester, he was accepted and cruised into a finale that would enable his time on courses to transfer.  Go son, go!

eldest son of tbnh

eldest son of tbnh

Now he’s home, temporarily, with his college schedule of sleeping, late night refrigerator raids and mid-day awakenings.

He’s bid goodbye to the east, transitioning at home and looking west.  Go west young man.  West to ASU….Appalachian State University.

Another chapter in his life and our life.  A chapter to be proud by seeing mature output after years of input.  Great job!